The Best Ways to Use Our Site
The Best Ways to Use Our Site
by on 19.07.2016

Howdy! We’re so glad you found us. We’re Good Oak Recordings, your new friend in music licensing. We connect you to great bands with great recordings so you can use them for your online projects or indie films.

The guy writing this is John, your Main Damie!

Now that we’re somewhat acquainted, here are a few ways that can help you pick the right music for your project.

Do more than search, discover

You can use our search function and easily find some great music, but you can also check out some Albums by the bands. Even in this day and age, it’s still a lot of fun to check out album covers and guess what you might like based on the artwork.

Would you buy this record?


I am a huge fan of this method when it comes to digging through crates of vinyl. I’ve found some of my most favorite records by taking a gamble on the artwork, including Los Indios Tabajaras.

Here they are performing live:

So c’mon, forget cliches! Judge a book by it’s cover! It’s fun.

Download the temp track

When you search for music on our site, you always have the chance to test drive the track before you buy it. I mean, you don’t go to Costco and buy something without having a little sample first, right?

It’s impossible to turn down this lovely lady’s pineapple/orange juice samples

costco lady

To get the temporary track, just click the download button on the music player. You’ll instantly get a low-quality version of the song that you can edit to your project. Doesn’t quite ring the emotional bell like you though it would? No sweat. Try another one.

Once you get the song you like, go back to the site and purchase the music license and you’ll be able to download the high-quality WAV file version.

Check our social media pages

Another great way to find music is to follow Good Oak Recordings’ social media pages. They’re updated with videos and musics of artists in our catalogue as well as new artists that get added to our catalogue.

Make sure to check out our playlists on our SoundCloud page too. Hit play, then work away…or sit looking super hip at a cool coffee shop pretending like you’re working hard. Either way, you’ll be enjoying some stellar music!

Sa Da Tay!



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