Calling All Bands and Artists
Calling All Bands and Artists
by on 05.08.2016


When listening to a recorded song, there’s something that only artists and musicians understand: How much blood, sweat, tears, effort, time, emotion and so on was put into each and every second of that song. As a casual listener or avid and rabid music fan, you may be able to fathom all that’s poured into recordings, but you just can’t really understand until you’re on take 32 at 2:46 in the morning after trying to track the same song for more than 16 hours.

Oh, the frustration:

And let’s not forget about the opposite. Those magic takes. The ones that are single take, the chemistry between the band was spot on, the singer nailed every annunciation and not a single overdub was needed. You can’t understand that unless you’ve been there listening back–hair raised–to what just transpired.

Hey, I’m an artist, I get it

So maybe you’ve experienced those or similar things while recording. Or, as a music fan, maybe you can start to understand the process a little more.

That’s why the saddest thing in the world is when a really good band breaks up. And I’m not talking about well-known bands that people have tattooed on their bodies. I’m talking about the true indie bands and artists that deserved much more. The ones that had great songs, performances, it, everything, but for some unknown powers in the universe, they never “made it.” And by made it, I mean they never made enough money off their music to put up with all the other stressors that come with being in a band (like being in a relationship equivalent to a marriage with multiple people).

Yikes! I don’t know what’s worse:
bad tattoos           worst-tattoo-ever

Why is it so sad when a band breaks up? Because those magical recordings now sit on a proverbial shelf somewhere collecting dust and will never be shared with future listeners.

Keeping the music alive

At Good Oak Recordings, part of our mission is keeping those great band recordings alive, and we’re doing it through music licensing. Just because a band broke up or an artist decided to stop producing records doesn’t mean that the quality of the art is diminished. What’s authentic and good will always be that way. When it comes to songs, trendy comes and goes but quality never fades.

Additionally, many of these forgotten about recordings feature musicians and artists who continue to make high-quality music. Every time one of their old songs is licensed in an indie film or piece of digital content, it’s supporting their future endeavors.

So, if you’re sitting on old recordings and want to see them live on, we’d love (and I mean LOVE) to hear them. Please send them to us.

If you’re into supporting talented musicians (after all we do carefully curate our catalog), then start listening to what Good Oak Recordings has to offer for your music licensing needs.


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