3 Music Licensing Companies to License Killer Music
3 Music Licensing Companies to License Killer Music
by on 28.09.2016

3 Music Licensing Companies to License Killer Music (Besides Us).

When it comes to licensing music for your video projects, we’d like to think we have you covered. But the truth is, we’re not going to have the perfect track for your story every single time. After all, we do specialize in band music and sometimes you need an orchestra playing intense classical strings from different music licensing companies.

Tip: If you’re having trouble discovering the right track, make sure to see the tips on using our site.

When you can’t find a fitting song with us, make sure to check out these other music licensing companies. They’ll help you get music for your ads, indie films and other music licensing needs.

Here they are, 3 of the best music licensing companies out there:

1. Marmoset Music

Marmoset Music is awesome. In my opinion, they are the best music licensing company. Marmoset really changed the game for music licensing when they came on the scene in 2010. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Marmoset quickly merged with a smaller music agency, With Etiquette, to become what they are today. Since then, they’ve helped small indie filmmakers and some of the largest brands out there with music.

marmoset music licensing companies

2. The Music Bed

Clearly, the people who started The Music Bed were fond of Marmoset’s idea. And while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, plagiarism is a completely different thing. But, it seems that The Music Bed has since fixed and settled whatever legal trouble they found themselves in and moved on to offer a lot of great choices when it comes to music licensing. The vintage tracks from classic artists is, in my opinion, what makes them one of the best music licensing companies around.

music bed music licensing companies

3. Music Vine

For those with music licensing needs on a budget, Music Vine offers a lot of high-quality music at lower prices than Marmoset and Music Bed. Based out of the U.K., Music Vine calls themselves, “an oasis of beautifully produced music.” With many tasty tracks, I’d have to agree. As of this post, they have more than 800 songs in their catalogue (British spelling anyone?).

music vine music licensing companies

Honorable Mention: Art List

Art List is trying to shake the music licensing game up a bit. For $199, you get unlimited use to license their entire catalog for an entire year. There isn’t very much information on their site about themselves. And honestly, I don’t know how artists will get paid or how they divvy up the dough they get. But if you’re a video producer looking to get the most bang for your buck, this might be it.

artlist_musiclicensing companies

And Remember…

If you’re looking for real bands, then we’re the best music licensing company for that. If you need help finding the right song, hit us up. We love to help.

Are there any other music licensing companies that you think I should’ve included? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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