Got questions? We got answers. 

What is Good Oak Recordings?

That’s an easy one. Good Oak Recordings is a way for filmmakers and video producers to obtain synchronization/master usage licenses of high quality recordings for their digital video projects. The process is made simple with a click-through license agreement and a single price that covers a range of project types. Think of Good Oak Recordings as a boutique stock music website with ridiculously good music.

What is a synchronization/master usage license?

Well, a synchronization/master usage license, often referred to as a “sync license” or just “sync,” is the right you need to obtain from an artist (or any other rights holders) to use their music in your film or video. Whether you’re using music for commercial, non-profit or personal uses, you must have a music licence.

A digital music license (what Good Oak Recordings offers) covers any type of project that lives on the web, including personal videos, podcasts, advertising/commercial work, independent films, crowdfunding projects, YouTube and Vimeo videos, etc. If you’re unsure if your project falls within our guidelines, just send us a note and we’ll help you out.

What type of file do I get after paying?

After you decide on a track and pay for it, you’ll download a 16-bit 44.1 khz WAV file. If you need a specific file that is different than WAV, simply hit us up and we’ll create it for you.

Can I license your music for a TV show, movie or broadcast use?

Let’s chat. These types of sync licenses require a different process and will have a different price.

Can I get an exclusive license so no one else can use the song I pick?

Absolutely. Just let us know which track and we’ll work out the details like term of use, pricing and exclusivity.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer refunds within 72 hours of purchasing a license. Obviously, if you seek a refund, you would no longer be able to use the song for which the refund is being processed in any project. Additionally, you would need to delete the high-quality version of the song from your device. If you need a refund, drop us a line and we will help you out.

How can I become an artist with Good Oak Recordings?

We look for artists who:

  • Own all rights to their recordings (songwriting, publishing, and masters).
  • Have only broadcast quality music.
  • Also have instrumental mixes for each track (not required, but super awesome).

If that sounds like you and you think your tracks would fit in our catalogue, then send us a link.

Why would I want to become an artist with Good Oak Recordings?

We work very hard to get your music heard and placed, but that’s not all. We only offer non-exclusive artist contracts, which means you can shop your music around with others.

Additionally, we are not a music publishing company, which means you keep ALL YOUR RIGHTS! Any backend royalties collected by your Performing Rights Organization go straight to you. There aren’t many others out there doing this. As former recording artists ourselves, we are empowering hard working artists to take back their publishing and double their backend royalty collection. Ready to join us?

How are the sync licensing fees split?

All upfront sync/master usage license fees are split 50/50. This may change to a better situation for artists in the future, which we hope will happen soon.

Anything else?

Hit us up so we can give you an answer and maybe even add it to this page.